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In order to follow the market, in addition to being familiar with the many varieties of coffee origins, it is essential to study the volatility of this raw material by monitoring its trend in the London and New York stock exchanges. In light of the fact that this commodity is quoted on the stock exchange in US dollars, it is necessary to follow the EUR to USD exchange rate. You can follow these economic indicators by clicking on the banners below.

The coffee plant, also known as Coffea, is part of the Rubiacee family. It is divided into two types, which are also distinguished in the shape of the bean. These two tree species are known as Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora.
Both species, selected by our qualified experts, are used for our high-end blends. Almost all our coffee is also available as single-origin coffee.

Icona - Bandiera Brasile

Brazil Natural NY 2 Cerrado Dulce 17/18 – Fine Cup

An Arabica coffee from Brazil, it grows in the dry climate of the Cerrado, Sul De Minas and Alta Mogiana highlands. Harvested from July to September.

Smooth and mellow bodied with touches of malt, cocoa and chocolate. The aftertaste brings out hints of cereals and roasted hazelnut.

Variety: Arabica    Origin: Brazil    Altitude: 850 to 1,100m

Icona - Bandiera Colombia

Colombia Supremo Rio Magdalena 18

The earliest coffee plantations in Colombia were established in the east of the country. In 1808 its first commercial production was registered as 100 bags of green coffee which were exported from the port of Cucuta, near the Venezuelan border. Colombia is renowned the world over for its excellent coffees. The country’s humid sub-tropical climate, altitudes of about 1,700 metres, plentiful rainfall and highly fertile volcanic terrain, all combine to produce top-quality coffees appreciated for their distinctive sweetness. Colombia Supremo is a category named by industry traders to indicate the quality and size of this bean.

Lasting body, medium acidity with notes of caramelised citrus overlay hints of ripe plums and dry dates. The lingering aftertaste reveals surprising touches of dark cocoa and sultanas.

Variety: Arabica    Origin: Colombia    Altitude: 1,450 to 1,600m

Icona - Bandiera Guatemala

Guatemala SHB Flor de Coban

Most of Guatemala’s economy revolves around the coffee industry. Its production is almost exclusively Arabica, to be found in 20 of the 22 administrative departments into which the country is divided. Guatemala SHB Flor de Coban is produced in the northern district, specifically in the Department of Alta Verapaz. This variety is grown in the shade in limestone-rich clay soils in which the Liquidambar di Coban bushes grow.

Discreet body, medium acidity with hints of ripe fruit and caramelised citrus peel. The lingering aftertaste is nutty with a hint of spice.

Variety: Arabica    Origin: Guatemala    Altitude: 1,500m

Icona - Bandiera Ethiopia

Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Guji GR. 2

This Ethiopian Arabica is grown in the Guji zone of the Oromia region, in the former Sidamo area, on fertile terrain of volcanic origin mixed with organic soil brought from the surrounding forests.

Discreet body, high acidity with intense floral notes laced with orange and bergamot. Subtle hints of fresh fruit and spices in the lingering aftertaste.

Variety: Arabica    Origin: Ethiopia    Altitude: 1,600 to 1,900m

Icona - Bandiera India

India Robusta Cherry A

This Indian coffee is grown in the shade to conserve its ecosystem and environment. The resulting slow ripening process allows the berries to absorb the scents of the surrounding cultivations. This variety of Robusta was brought to the area by Indonesians in the early 20th century.

A good body is marked in this coffee by a pleasantly neutral smoothness with a distinctive spiced woody vein and a slightly astringent touch in the prolonged aftertaste.

Variety: Robusta    Origin: India    Altitude: 1,000m

Icona - Bandiera India

India Washed Parchement Kaapi Royale 18

This is another Indian coffee cultivated with the environment and ecosystem very much in mind. Its bushes grow in the shade of the natural vegetation surrounding it, including numerous spices. Here too, the slow ripening process means that the berries are impregnated with the scents around them, endowing the beans with their characteristic spicy aroma.

A good body marked by a smooth milk-chocolate note with a toasted cereal and raw hazelnut taste, combining to mask a slight woody astringency. This Robusta’s pleasant neutrality is distinguished by a spicy vein in the aftertaste.

Variety: Robusta    Origin: Karnataka, India    Altitude: 700 to 1,000m

Icona - Bandiera Perù

Peru Washed – Tres Mosqueteros

Located on the eastern slopes of the Andes, Peru’s main coffee-growing areas are Chanchamayo, Amazonia, San Martin and the southern highlands. The centre serving the coffee plantations in the north of the country is Sant’Ignacio, near the border with Ecuador. Perù Tres Mosqueteros is picked by hand and processed by washing.

The low acidity of this big-bodied coffee gives free rein to a dark cocoa taste with hints of malt and caramel. Its lingering aftertaste has a nutty sensation enriched with more than a hint of roasted chestnuts.

Variety: Arabica    Origin: Peru    Altitude: 1,600m

Icona - Bandiera Vietnam

Vietnam Kontum Washed Wet Polished 18

The coffee industry has been one of Vietnam’s biggest income earners since the early 20th century. First introduced by the French in 1857, coffee production developed through a system of plantations to become a driving force in the country’s economy. Vietnamese producers mix a range of varieties to obtain various taste and balance characteristics or to pare down production costs. While ICO figures place Vietnam as the world’s second biggest coffee producer, behind Brazil, it is number one in the production of Robusta, which accounts for 97% of its total harvest.

A full body, clean and smooth, woody with the merest hint of astringency. Hints of chocolate,cocoa and cereal in the aftertaste.

Variety: Robusta    Variety: Vietnam    Altitude: 1,200 to 1,800m


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