Let’s boost 2021 with a trade show in the Food & Beverage sector aiming at the safe return of organised events

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The first live event of the year in the Food & Beverage sector

GulFood (21st-25th of February) offers the opportunity to re-connect with the world’s food and business community. With 85 country pavilions presenting a wide array of products, GulFood is a great opportunity for food professionals, who will have the chance to network with chefs, to explore new markets, to increase their profits and to discuss the future of the Food & Beverage industry. In fact, global heads and Michelin-starred chefs and over 5000 suppliers from 198 countries around the world will take part in the event. In this way, GulFood is the perfect platform to showcase and promote new products and services, estimate and assess the market trends, connect with other professionals, and so re-launch the Food & Beverage sector, which was extremely challenged by the pandemic.


Dubai, the perfect location

GulFood takes place in Dubai, which is in a strategic location. The United Arab Emirates, in fact, are located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula and therefore are accessible to major economies and linked to shipping routes. Dubai, being the capital of one of the Emirates, is located between the East and the West and represents a hub in the trading sector, facilitating the transportation of goods between various regions in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Safety, the keyword for re-launching organised events

The GulFood trade show will strictly adhere to the safety and hygiene guidelines in order to let the participants enjoy the event in a serene and healthy environment. Dubai World Trade Centre not only adheres to all rules and regulations laid out by government authorities, including Dubai health authority and Dubay municipality, but also adheres to other safety standards, such as its own “Venue Safe” standards. Moreover, it is certified by the Bureau Veritas SafeGuard Label, attesting to the highest hygiene standards. For everyone’s safety, during the event compliance will be legally required in all areas of the trade show. Make sure to check the measures that are in place.

Italian companies at GulFood

More than 100 famous and successful Italian companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector will take part in the GulFood trade show in Dubai in February 2021, exhibiting their products and services in a stand or being represented by their managers. Make sure to check the 2021 exhibitors list. Due to the ongoing crisis caused by Covid-19, the situation is being constantly monitored in terms of flight connections. For safety and health reasons, in fact, several flights to Dubai may be cancelled and this irregularity of transportation services might affect the arrival in Dubai of visitors, exhibitors and other guests of the event.

We at ArtOn Café would like to thank Ms. Evgenia Chevychelova, Export Manager at Maribel, who has kindly sent us some useful and interesting details concerning such a unique event.

Are you ready to take part in this extraordinary trade show, which will not only be a great opportunity to re-connect with the Food & Beverage sector but also to re-launch safe organised events?


GulFood website (accessed on 08th of February 2021)