VAT legislation in the European Union: What’s new

The EU is introducing significant modifications to its VAT legislation, which will become effective on July 1st 2021 […]

San Pellegrino’s new coffee-flavoured sparkling water that you must try

San Pellegrino adds to its range of flavored water three new ones. This line, however, was inspired not by different fruit, but by one of the most loved beverages in the world – coffee […]

Online trade shows – Russia Smart Retailing & Commercial Expo 2021 (Hong Kong, China)

In this specific period the organizers of Expos, which usually involve a large number of visitors and different types of gatherings, were forced to adapt and overcome […]

Cup of Excellence and the situation in Colombia

The Cup of Excellence promotes coffee quality worldwide, and in this article we will focus on Colombia […]

Cup of Excellence: Spring updates

The Cup of Excellence keeps promoting high quality coffee worldwide […]

ICO March Report: general price rise, but tendence to halt at the end of the month

The ICO composite indicator rose slightly, but prices faltered towards the end of March […]

A changing world and the Food Processing Ucraina 2020-2021 Project

In an ever-changing world, chambers of commerce worldwide play a vital role in the promoting of projects and events both offline and online, aimed at fostering resilience and response to the challenges and demands of the market […]

Specialty Coffee and Coffee Retail Summit

The Specialty Coffee Association’s Coffee Retail Summit is dedicated to the specialty coffee retail marketplace […]