A 3-day virtual expo opens its (virtual) doors to a locked-down world

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IDX-FS International Digital Food Services Expo – Powered by INTERNORGA

This 3-day virtual expo taking place from March 15th to 17th is based on the motto “in it together for the industry”. It is a project launched by three partners – INTERNORGA, IDX events and the Institute of Culinary Art – combining their synergies, and therefore ensuring a high-quality guarantee. INTERNORGA has been a leading international trade fair for the out-of-home market in the Hospitality Management, Catering, and Bakery & Confectioneries sectors, while IDX EVENTS, based in Cologne, Germany, is an international company for digital technology and event management, which works with global consumer and B2B brands. Finally, the Institute of Culinary Art (ICA) is an exclusive networking platform for the top decision-makers in the Food Services industry (Internorga, 2020). The collaboration of these partners results in an immersive virtual event which represents an opportunity to bring together the main actors of the Food Services industry and find new ways to respond and react to today’s market challenges (IDX-FS Powered by Internorga, n.d.).

IDX-FS: What’s On

This virtual trade expo showcases more than 100 internationally known brands of the Food & Beverage, Horeca, Catering, Gastronomy, Food Services sectors. Moreover, with its 72 uninterrupted hours in which the fair can be visited and its 360° limitless navigation through the virtual expo infrastructure, it represents a great opportunity to discover new products and services, discuss current themes, exchange ideas and learn how to adapt to this ever-changing world, through networking and creating interactive and personalized 1:1 and group meetings (IDX-FS Powered by Internorga, n.d.; Internorga, n.d.). Visitors can access the event for free, except for the Foodservice Forum (Internorga, 2021).


Owing to the ongoing pandemic, INTERNORGA 2021 was sadly cancelled as a live expo in Hamburg, Germany. Nevertheless, an alternative solution is offered to exhibitors and visitors and to the whole Food Services industry. A digital platform was developed thanks to a 3-party partnership, in order to offer the opportunity to safely connect and network with the main actors of the Food Services sector (Internorga, n.d.).

Are you ready to take part in this event and seize the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and discover new products and services for free?


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Picture Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elbphilharmonie,_Hamburg.jpg