Peru 2020 Cup of Excellence opens National Winners Auction on November 30th

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The National Winners Auction from the latest Peru Cup of Excellence, where the second female in the competition’s history won, opens November 30th and closes December 14th.

The National Winner lots are coffees scoring 85+ points during the International Week, decided by the Cup of Excellence International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process.

Cup of Excellence winners showcase the country’s most amazing flavors: only possible when varietal, terroir, and harvesting are all in harmony.

This is the regional representation of CoE Winners:

The National Winner, Edy Robles Sosa (in the picture below), is from the farm Yanamonte in Lacco Corimayo, district of Yanatile, province of Calca, region of Cusco, at 1800 m.a.s.l.*.

When he plants the coffee he always remembers to preserve and take care of the native forest and species, providing shade to the coffee with many different fruit trees such as pacae, pisonay, as well as different vegetables that make the soil diverse and rich.

*m.a.s.l. = meters above sea level

You can see the full results and participate in the auction clicking here.