After the disappointing cancellation of World Coffee Championships and MICE2020 due to the pandemic, the coffee industry will re-launch live events, hoping to go back to normality as soon as possible

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Mice: once upon a time…

MICE, launched in 2012 as the first coffee-dedicated event in Australia, aims at connecting buyers and sellers and brings together members of the coffee industry. It is an annual event – apart from the sad parenthesis represented by 2020, such a challenging year for whole world – which offers the opportunity of finding new clients, starting partnerships and collaborations, developing businesses and connecting with other actors of the coffee sector. MICE has become the largest dedicated coffee show in the Southern Hemisphere.
MICE also secured the right to host the World Barista and Brewers Cup Championship for 2020: Australia was to become the first country outside of the U.S. to host the Championships on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put those plans on stand-by (Mice, n.d.-a).

 Mice: What’s on

MICE features several attractions such as : Roasters Alley, presenting over 25 local and international roasters; Origin Alley, featuring producers from all over the world; Product Innovation Award, showcasing the newest innovations from exhibitors; and St. Ali Food Kiosks, where visitors can buy food from a legendary Melbourne icon (Mice, n.d.-b).


Melbourne Coffee Week

This is a week-long celebration of all things connected to coffee. Melbourne Coffee Week has the purpose of reinvesting in the coffee community and helping organisations and industries grow. Moreover, it gives local business owners a chance to increase brand recognition and trade. Of course, this occurs while celebrating the coffee culture in the widest perspective! Furthermore, all registration proceeds are donated to Charity Partner StreetSmart, which helps Australia’s homeless people (Melbourne Coffee Week, n.d.).

ASCA. I am. We are. Coffee

ASCA (Australian Specialty Coffee Association) began as a vehicle for like-minded people in Australia with an interest in specialty coffee, when the specialty coffee industry was not as widespread as it is today. The association has adopted international quality standards through benchmarking with international specialty coffee associations. ASCA, which is governed and run completely by volunteers, aims at promoting specialty coffee and providing professional training for the development of specialty coffee all over the country (ASCA, n.d.).

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