The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is excited to announce Green Coffee Summit, a brand-new virtual event and knowledge platform for green coffee producers and traders

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It’s difficult to find credible, publicly available data about the costs and margins of coffee value chain suppliers. For this reason, the Specialty Coffee Association decided to launch this event in order to make market information equally accessible to buyers and sellers, leading to better decision-making by all parties.

Taking place August 25-26, 2021, in the US Eastern time zone, the free-to-attend summit will cover a range of topics in English and Spanish aiming to make market data more accessible and equipping green coffee buyers and sellers with independent, neutral information about consumer markets (Sprudge, 2021).

Over two days, Green Coffee Summit will the Specialty Coffe’s compartment by hosting lectures, discussion, and videos that explore the characteristics of different balck-cup-consuming markets.

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Day 1 of the SCA’s green summit, which will be primarily held in English, will include panel discussions and presentations on market data, supply chain structures, risk management, financing and logistics (Daily Coffe News, 2021).

The second day will feature a “series of videos focused on consumer markets and regional consumption patterns that are complemented by a series of discussions featuring sellers with a history of success in each market,” according to the SCA, whose membership spans more than 100 countries with primary representation in Europe and the United States (Daily Coffe News, 2021).


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Aligning with the launch of the live event, the Green Coffee Summit website will serve as a resource library, offering a curated list of relevant, valuable content, through long-form writing, videos, lectures, and podcasts (Specialty Coffee Association, 2021).


Numerous speakers will be present at the meeting, illustrating presentations about different topics such as:

Confronting Tomorrow’s Risks Today: Key Strategies for Reimagining Resilience in the Coffee Value Chain – Alexandra Tuinstra

The performance will guide the audience to acquire the ability to not only overcome the blows dealt by a crisis, but to emerge stronger, which is becoming essential for rural agricultural enterprises and the coffee farming families they represent.

Better Returns for Coffee Producers – Bridget Carrington

This presentation, based on a recent study into how East African Producers could better position themselves to improve their returns from the black bean, will look at the need for capacity building in origin, the skill sets required for success, and the different value-addition models that could better equip producers to improve their livelihoods.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Raw Coffee Bean sorting and processing in a factory

Why a Green Coffee Summit? – Kim Elena Lonescu

The green coffee trade has some of the richest history and the most valuable knowledge in the coffee industry. The first Green Coffee Summit is an opportunity to create a new hub for the ongoing exchange of information and insights between specialty buyers and sellers, as well as a venue for discussing current obstacles and opportunities.

Finding your way around in the Processing Revolution – Mario Fernández

It’s a lecture that will revolve around the revolution in postharvest processing that specialty coffee has experienced in resent decades and how this revolution brings opportunities for technological progress in processing and for leading processors to add value to their coffee.

Instant Coffee: Creating Domestic and Export Market Value & Opportunities – Pedro Guimaraes

The presentation will address how the Brazilian instant Coffee Industry Association (ABICS) has been branding its products to appeal both to the different consumer segments: from quality to price-sensitive and from specialty to conventional.

Instant coffee ad, 3d illustration

Direct Trade Impact Studies – Shauna Alexander

This display will delve into impact studies by covering Stumptown’s Direct Trade sourcing principles, the company’s impact indicators, and the results of the independent research that shows positive results for producers and their communities around the world.


A series of videos and discussions will offer a brief introduction to four major markets for Specialty Green Coffee, including statistics about their overall size, growth, and differentiating factors.

South Korea

Korea’s successes in the specialty Coffee Market might be an interesting lesson for the industry observing the exciting growth of the country’s consumption in both volume and per capita terms. To know more about South Korea’s coffee trade, visit the official website SCA South Korea Chapter.

A world map of South Korea, 3d rendering

United Kingdom

Although demand for lower-grade instant coffee has been difficult to unseat, specialty Coffee consumption in the UK has been on the rise in recent years, as shown by the steady growth in the number of total cafés – including both chains and independent shops. You can find further information about the United Kingdom arabic-elixir market on The British Coffee Association website.

United States

The landscape of the specialty coffee consumption in the United States is a patchwork of many regional and cultural customs. Despite the challenges of categorizing such a large and diverse market, one consistent aspect across the country is the steep rise in the number of micro-roasting companies in recent years. Learn more about US’ Coffee trade on the website National Coffee Association, in which you will also find the NCDT Market Research Series (National Coffee Data Trends), an exclusive compendium of the most in-depth coffee industry market research currently available.

A Man and His Wife are Proud of Their Coffee Displayed at the Clayton Farmers Market


In addiction to being the largest-volume importer of green coffee, Germany’s domestic market also warrants exploration, with its comparatively high proportion of in-home consumption of specialty coffee versus some of the other countries profiled in the first Green Coffee Summit.

Interesting Introductions about Germany’s compartment will be presented by the following speakers:

  • Giomar Hidalgo – Environmental Engineer Latitud 0° Green Coffee
  • Diego Porras – Coffee Specialist Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos
  • Philipp Reichel – Roastery anf Café Owner, Caffee Events Organiser Vote Coffee, Isla Berlin, Berlin Coffee Festival, Berlin Coffee Archives, SCA Germany

Visit Deutsher Kaffeeverband  for more information.


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