Cup of Excellence is dominated by first timers, holding 18 out of 24 winning coffees, including five blends

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We are glad to share the results of the latest Colombia Cup of Excellence, taken from a Cup of Excellence’s press release.
Cup of Excellence is excited to announce the 24 Cup of Excellence winning coffees from the Colombia Cup of Excellence competition.  The top coffee, a chiroso variety, scored 90.03 points and earned the competition’s only Presidential Award. The winning producers now wait for the auction on November 19th for final results. The first-place winner, Mr. Feilpe Henao Triana, is a first-time participant in the contest. Upon reception of the award he said, “I still can’t believe it. I was already happy with the fact that we managed to be in the international round and I’m so grateful to God, my family, my wife and my children.”

The awards were live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with producers waiting to hear the results while Colombian coffee supporters tuned in around the world. Due to the impact Cup of Excellence has on coffee producers, the Asociación Colombiana para la Excelencia del Café (ASECC) and Cup of Excellence worked to adapt the different phases of the competition together both at origin and internationally, utilizing Global Coffee Centers (GCCs). This was the fifth competition held at GCCs.Beginning with Colombia,  additional GCCs, representing China, the UK and the US, were added to the South American competitions. Yunjie He, International Judge and Coffee Buyer for Latorre & Dutch Coffee in China, commented on her involvement, “First, we are so glad and honored to have a GCC here in Nanjing. It is a wonderful experience to have the chance to taste these amazing coffees, which enriched my idea of Colombian coffee and its potential. It is a special and difficult year for all of us and the efforts behind all these coffees are worthy of the appreciation.”

Though the vetting of the coffee is completed, the final outcome of the competition now lies in the hands of buyers around the world. Opening prices for these coffees start at $5 per pound to encourage buyers to support quality-focused producers.

Here are key facts about this year’s Cup of Excellence winners:

  • 24 Cup of Excellence winners – 18 first time participants
  • 1 Presidential Award – first time participant
  • Process breakdown: 3 Washed Anaerobic, 2 Honey, 3 Naturals, 16 Washed
  • 5 regions represented

 Pastor Gomez from 11th place winning farm, El Sauce.

The Colombia COE auction is November 19th.

The last day to purchase a sample set is October 29th.

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