Exciting mix of online lectures and a virtual trade exhibition on 16 and 17 November 2020

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The event is hosted by the German Coffee Association, whose history began in 1886, representing more than 290 members. The current members of the board of directors are:

  • Bent B. Dietrich from Hamburg Coffee Company HACOFCO mbh (Hamburg) as Founder & Managing Director,
  • Luc Van Gorp from Jacobs Douwe Egberts DE (Bremen) as General Manager DACH, Bernd Schopf from Coffein Compagnie
  • Dr. Erich Scheele GmbH & Co. KG (Bremen) as Managing Director
  • Dr. Frank Strege from Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG (Bremen) as Managing Director.
The conference themes will be the following:


– Recycling capsules & responsible coffee management
– Study: How does (lack of) sustainability influence capsule consumption?

– Innovative coffee capsule materials
– Industrial capsule processing technologies

Quality Management
– Future of coffee capsule leak detection
– Achieving freshness with smart oxygen management

Market data
– How does Germany drink capsule coffee? – penetration, drivers & barriers

Law & Regulations
– European Union policy on packaging: A focus on coffee capsules
– Compostable coffee capsules from a legal perspective

– Exploring the freshness & extraction dynamics of coffee capsules
– Shelf-life of coffee in capsules

More detailed information about the lectures and the speakers of our Online-Congress can be found in the PROGRAMME.

In addition to the Online-Congress, the German Coffee Association is hosting a virtual trade exhibition. This exhibition offers all congress participants the opportunity to explore the innovative world of coffee capsules and establish new business partnerships.

The following companies are already registered:

AMCOR ▪ AMI International ▪ Azul ▪ BACHMANN FORMING ▪ BASF ▪ Belmoca ▪ Beyers Koffie ▪ BIO-FED Branch of AKRO-PLASTIC ▪ CAFES LIEGEOIS ▪ Caffeluxe ▪ Cama 1 ▪ coind ▪ Datwyler Switzerland ▪ Delica ▪ GOLDEN COMPOUND ▪ EKAF Industria Nazionale del Caffè ▪ Euro Caps ▪ Eurofins NDSC Food Testing Germany ▪ GEPA mbH The Fair Trade Company ▪ Gollücke & Rothfos ▪ GREENSAN LIMITED ▪ Holmen Coffee ▪ IMA ▪ Inficon ▪ JDE ▪ J.J. Darboven ▪ K-fee ▪ LAVAZZA ▪ LIFEBRANDS ▪ lucchini marica ▪ Melitta ▪ MENSHEN ▪ Nestlé ▪ Nespresso ▪ Nescafé Dolce Gusto ▪ Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke ▪ Plasma Electronic ▪ PROBAT-Werke ▪ PROSOL ▪ SÄNTIS ▪ SENZANI ▪ Stratos ▪ Sustina Caps ▪ Taghleef Industries ▪ Tchibo ▪ The Java Coffee ▪ TuTTOespresso ▪ UCC Coffee Germany